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Engine and Transmission Repair


Offering Expert Transmission Repair for Muncie Cars

If your vehicle doesn’t seem like its old self as you drive down the highway, you might need a car engine tuneup. A motor has dozens of moving parts, and an issue with any of them could rob you of performance. At Broadway Motors Inc., we’ve been serving Muncie drivers as a transmission repair shop since 1992, and we’re ready to help you with computer diagnostics and repairs whenever your automobile stops running smoothly.

Repairing and Maintaining Automatics

Most drivers prefer the convenience of an engine that takes care of shifting by itself, but these designs have their own protocols for service and repairs. While lubricating fluids shouldn’t need to be replenished unless there’s a leak, old fluid or inappropriate levels could cause problems like slipping gears. Malfunctions with electrical components can also lead to issues like intermittent shifting.

Thoroughly Servicing Manuals

People who drive manual transmissions do so because of the increased amount of control provided by standard clutches. While many of these engines power four-wheel drive vehicles, a few front-wheel drive automobiles also come with this design. Unlike their automatic counterparts, these models require periodic replenishment of fluids as prescribed by the manufacturer. Common issues with this style of motor include worn or sticking clutch pedals and fatigue on gears.

Reclaim Your Car’s Performance

When it’s time to get car engine service in Muncie, turn to the experienced mechanics at Broadway Motors Inc. You’ve already spent a lot of money buying the perfect vehicle, so why allow a performance issue to detract from your driving enjoyment? To book a time with one of our specialists or learn more about our other services such as brake repair, call us at 765-284-4800 today.