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Diagnostics and Performance

Car Diagnostic Service

Inspecting Check Engine Light Codes in Muncie

We’ve all had that moment when the check engine light illuminates on the instrument panel in the middle of a drive. While the causes of this indicator can vary from mundane to severe, it’s important to get to the bottom of the problem before it begins to affect your vehicle’s performance. If your auto is telling you that something is wrong, you should work with a qualified car diagnostic service technician to pinpoint the issue. Broadway Motors Inc. in Muncie has a team of talented technicians who will carefully examine any make and model of vehicle to spot malfunctions and recommend repairs.

An Accurate Diagnosis of Your Vehicle’s Problems

When your dashboard light flips on, it’s the vehicle’s computer indicating that something isn’t operating properly, which is why data retrieval is the first thing done by a mechanic. Once the readout is obtained from the car, the next step is a series of verification diagnostics for things like vacuum pressure, timing, fuel performance and emissions. Based on the results of these tests, the technician can delve deeper into the issue by conducting pinpoint examinations such as wiring verification and tests of electrical or mechanical systems. With the cause of the malfunction located, the only remaining steps are to carry out repairs and verify functionality.

Let Us Fix Your Car’s Problems

If you’re driving through Muncie and your check engine light turns on, don’t ignore it. While your car might seem like it’s driving fine, you could have a small problem that’s waiting to intensify into a major malfunction. Don’t trust anyone other than a certified technician to tell you whether the issue is serious or something as simple as a loose gas cap. To schedule a diagnostic appointment or arrange for an oil change or other regular maintenance, call Broadway Motors Inc. at 765-284-4800 today.