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Car Care Tips

Car Care

Helpful Car Care Tips for Our Muncie Clients

Between money and time, you have many resources invested in your car, so why wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to maximize its life? While manufacturers include a schedule for warranty maintenance, each automaker seems to have its own standards. You should always refer to your car’s manual if you have any questions, but it helps to have some basic knowledge of how often you should arrange specific services. As experienced auto mechanics in Muncie, Broadway Motors Inc. can do all of the work to maintain your auto, but we can also offer you some helpful car care tips to help with scheduling and budgeting.
Your car has a timing belt or chain that helps operate the engine, and this should be inspected and replaced approximately every 75,000 miles. Fluids should be checked at every regular oil change, and automatic transmission fluid should be replaced every 24,000 miles. Always make sure you have enough antifreeze, as it keeps your engine cool and also acts as an important ingredient for winterization. Your engine’s air filter should be replaced annually or more often if there’s a tear or leak. Since tire pressure is important for both safety and fuel economy, be sure to check levels at least once a month while the tires are cold.

Extend Your Vehicle’s Life

When it’s time to conduct regular maintenance on your car, trust the professionals at Broadway Motors Inc. to handle everything in compliance with your manufacturer’s recommendations. While you may be able to manage basic things like checking fluid levels on your own, complicated services should be done by a trained mechanic to avoid accidental damage to your car. To schedule an appointment with one of our technicians in Muncie, give us a call today at 765-284-4800.