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Brakes, Suspension and Exhaust


Fixing Brake Lines and Replacing Pads for Muncie Drivers

Your car’s brakes are the most important pieces of safety equipment in the entire vehicle, as they help you stay in control and stop when needed. Depending on your driving style, these components can be subjected to a lot of stress, which is why it’s crucial to get regular inspections and arrange brake service when necessary. At Broadway Motors Inc. in Muncie, not only can we help you with scheduled maintenance, but we can also resurface rotors, perform pad replacement and conduct line repair to make sure your auto stops whenever you hit the pedal.

Repairing Your Car’s Suspension for Smoother Steering

You control your car by turning your steering wheel, but many things happen to create the desired effect. Whether you have four-wheel or a rear-suspension vehicle, there’s an entire network of shocks, struts, springs and other components that must be in perfect alignment to accurately mimic the wheel’s position. If one of these pieces is out of position, a suspension repair technician can realign the system and conduct additional repairs to restore proper functionality.

Keeping Your Exhaust System Running Smoothly

The internal combustion engine relies on the ignition of fuel to power the motor, and the byproducts of that reaction travel through a series of tubes to eventually leave the vehicle through the muffler. If your car is making too much noise or you’ve failed an emissions inspection, you need to arrange for exhaust system repair by a technician who will examine the hoses and check the readout from your car’s computer.

Don’t Settle for a Rough Ride

If your vehicle isn’t running properly, don’t wait for things to get worse. Let the professionals at Broadway Motors Inc. in Muncie handle everything from fluid flushes to caliper replacement for your anti-lock brake system (ABS) before a small problem balloons into something major. To set up an appointment for car diagnostics or any other service, call us today at 765-284-4800.