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How to Know When Your Brakes Need Repairing

replacing break pads on a car
As you probably understand, having good working brakes on your vehicle is vital. Brakes help you stop your vehicle, but also provide control and stability while driving. There are certain mileage or time limits for brakes, but your brakes could need attention before these. Here are some ways to tell if your brakes need inspected.

Screeching, Grinding Noises

This is probably the most common diagnostic tool for brake problems. If you hear ear-piercing noises when you apply your brakes, you should give your brakes attention. This could mean your brake pads are worn, which could cause damage to other parts.

Needing More Pressure to Brake

If you find that you need to apply more pressure to your brake pedal, maybe it feels “softer,” then your brakes may need to be checked. Though this isn’t as likely as it used to be, needing more pressure to brake is a sign of brake pad wear. It could also mean low brake fluid levels.

Brake Light On

Like your engine, your brakes have a light to alert you of problems. If this light stays on after normal troubleshooting, bring your vehicle to a mechanic ASAP.
There are other signs of brake problems, so if you experience any other issues, talk to an automotive mechanic. Broadway Motors Inc. are your Muncie, Indiana, brake specialists. Call us at 765-284-4800 to schedule a brake inspection or any other general maintenance.